Christmas in the Village


Christmas is considered one of the most celebrated event in the world

It’s an event that marks the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

Lots of activities take place during this season, guys taking long breaks from work, and others go for holidays and lots of other sweet sounding things

Talk a walk with me to the village and get the feel Christmas in the village

It’s time when urban dwellers usually pack their belongings, from their exquisite sofasets, to huge music systems and their kids as well to travel to the village for the festivities

When they get to the village everything changes

The air around the village during Christmas usually smells different

The usually abandoned dusty roads in the village get busy during Christmas

The urban folks make their presence felt across

They roam all over showing off their the latest gadgets (smartphones) and flossing in their city walking styles

Christmas in the village is normally an opportunity to hook up with old friends and share experiences about life

Christmas in the village offers an opportunity for folks to don in new dresses and hairdos

Some folks make their maiden visit to church for the year during Christmas because they now have a new dress most likely a gift from a brother, a sister or a cousin who lives in the urban

When it comes to matters stomach, this type of food called chapatti is normally the most valued food in the village during Christmas

If you don’t make chapatis for your kids during Christmas rest assured that you will have conflicts to resolve thereafter so it’s normally imperative if you are a parent to begin preparing when the year starts so that you don’t disappoint your young ones during Christmas

By the way village folks love singing during Christmas, they also sing Christmas carols

By the way most village weddings are strategically held during Christmas weekends and the reason is to simply tap into the Christmas glitz and glamour wave, so that the wedding photos appear colourful, so that the Christmas tree appears somewhere on the background of the wedding snaps

Let’s take note that the celebration of the birth of Christ is a key ingredient of Christmas in the village, the book of John, Matthew and Luke are normally the main references in all Christmas sermons in the village.

A few days later, all the color fades, the dusty roads become even dustier the city fellows are off back to the city Christmas is over we start the county down to next one.

And that’s all about Christmas in the village

The Booming Construction Industry


The constructive industry is becoming a very lucrative sector with multiple kinds of buildings coming up almost every day across Nairobi and its environs giving the city a completely new skyline. This is particularly contributed by the rising demand for housing and office space. The middle class population is increasing and they are looking for lavish kind of housing, foreign investors are thronging the Kenyan space and most of them prefer to set up their operations at high end office structures. It’s equally worrying that the acreage of arable land is dwindling at a relatively alarming rate as owners of land abandon their venture to put up residential houses. The implication of this is that agriculture which is Kenya’s backbone is going to be greatly affected, the food basket is going to dry up.

In areas such as Kilimani developers are flattening old bungalows to pave way for high-rise structures some of which are really splendid with breath-taking architectural designs. Upper Hill area is another interesting area. The-soaring-to-the-sky structures there are giving the central business district’s outlook a run for its money. Westlands and Mombasa road are also in the list of areas where such magnificent buildings are becoming prominent. Ruaka is a classical example of areas on the outskirts of Nairobi enjoying the construction trend with malls, shopping complexes and lavish apartments jostling for space.

The growth of the construction industry has helped a lot in addressing the unemployment question. Hundreds if not thousands of people are busy spending their days in construction sites and in the evening you will see them packed like bananas in lorries being ferried home of course with something in their pockets. Temporary food kiosks have been set up near construction sites providing meals to the workers and so at the end of the day the women who operate these kiosks earn something to support their families.

Even in the face of all these interesting developments, it’s also important to figure out what the future is going to look like. When all the land is completely exhausted and construction stops what next, what happens to the thousands of foremen, the casuals, and the construction companies. What happens if all the arable land available is exhausted will the country be forced to import food from outside as it does to products such as oil, machinery and so forth. These are some of the issues that need to be thoroughly thought through so that where possible a raft of measures can be put in place to pre-empt any undesirable outcomes.

Proliferation of SALW,A thorn in the Flesh of Africa

cacheThe proliferation of small arms and light weapons (guns, rifles and explosives included) and particularly into the wrong hands is a huge menace in Africa. It is the reason as to why violent conflict has seemingly created an abode in Africa with estimates showing that up to 90% of casualties in such conflicts are caused by Small arms and light weapons translating to hundreds of thousands deaths and an almost equivalent proportion of others living with permanent wounds. Continue reading



Kenya’s political script appears to be cast on stone. It doesn’t show any signs of even an iota of change anytime soon. The fonts, the size, the colour of the script have always remained the same since time immemorial. We have spent 1001 hours of thinking and billions of shillings to conceptualize and actualize ideas and strategies to try and at least insert a comma or even a full-stop in this script but little change has come forth.

The script I am referring to here has a very skewed prescription of how to ascend to political power. So long  as several city  estates, high end sky scrapers in the city, large tracts of prime land all under your name, in other words as long as you are super wealthy in this country then the political script befits you a 100 per cent. You will occupy some of the top most political offices in the land without much struggle. If you live according to the Kenyan political script your desire for political power is guaranteed. The masses will offer their lives for you. They will go to whatever heights to ensure they suffer because of your sins so that you can have a heaven-on-earth kind of life, a life of opulence.

This is the reason why in 2007/08 even fellows who have spent more than half of their lifetime chewing books and sipping intelligence from some of the best professors in the continent got into the madness of butchering each other. We fought to help a few wealthy Kenyans to get into power so that they can make exceedingly abundant wealth. Some Kenyans are still in anguish to this date, they have lost their livelihoods, always stretching their begging bowls to passers-by to help them yet the politicians we lay our lives for have since then acquired more land, created more companies, built exquisite structures some outside the country and continued to heap more dollars in their bank accounts abroad yet today as if we never learn from our mistakes, we are still spending our time and energies fighting for the same politicians!! Ooh Jubilee…ooh Cord ooh….while languishing in poverty. Can’t we for once take leave from these endless and pointless fights and engage in something beneficial to our lives. We have experienced tremendous changes in the society today which is significantly affecting our families, our kids getting spoilt and so forth, can’t we at least spend time to raise our kids in the right way and prevent them from falling into these weird trends facing the society, can’t we just invest our time in productive ventures that will help us have enough money to put a meal on our tables or can’t we just spend our time and energy building our spiritual well-being, you know, fellowshipping with our maker who at least laid the life of his one and only son Jesus Christ for a noble cause, saving us from sin.

Even in our resolve to change the century old political script, Kenyans must strive to engage constructively in a manner that does lead to shedding of innocent blood and suffering of innocent lives at the expense of pampering a few individuals who are thirst for power.

A Dismayed yet Proud Brazilian Fan

What transpired last night was literally an ambush on a ‘commander less’ military camp. The Germany machine was indeed sufficiently oiled and heavily loaded. They fired and kept on firing without compassion they went on firing up until seven shots hit the target yet they didn’t seem to have exhausted their firepower on the defenceless Brazilian Defence Forces (BDF). While the assault protracted, many of us Brazilian fans crossed our fingers praying that something similar to a huge storm hits the stadium and causing the match to halt prematurely to simply save the home side from further humiliation but the prayers went unanswered. The BDF on their side, tried to fire but their ammunition wasn’t offering the needed results, they were simply inefficient. Earlier on before the kick-off, we shouted down the German fans during our social interactions in their bid to convince us how they were going to beat us. We drafted to them a plan of how we were going to pull it without our Neymar and Thiago Silva, we tried to help them picture how our defence was going to repulse their missiles regardless of how lethal they were going to be. Above all, we pegged our victory on the home advantage and the millions of fans on our side those in the stadium and others across the world. The outcome at the end of the 90minutes was way beyond our expectations it was shocking, it will most likely aggravate the pangs of a vertebrate injury on Neymar. I don’t even know where to hide my face away from the German followers.

This showdown goes down into the books of FIFA history. The fellows who will be commenting world cup in 3014, a century from now, will be referring to this incident of how a host nation known to be the spiritual home for football as some would call it got humiliated on home soil by a foreign side. I am even convinced that wherever 2010 world champions, Spain, who experienced an almost similar thrashing during the preliminaries bundling them out of the contest at that early stage, are somewhere in Madrid or Barcelona, are thanking Brazil for helping them bear the ignominy of a big team conceding in excess of 5 goals in a world cup.

This notwithstanding remain a proud fan of Brazil because of one particular thing, that even after such a pounding they still have the boldness to go down on their knees before the Lord to give thanks .I think it’s a lesson we Kenyans can learn that despite all the woes facing us we can still let God know that we are thankful for the good country and the good things he has endowed us with.

 david luiz


Waddup ya’ll…

It’s Tuesday today had jotted down a few expectations from yesterday’s 7-7 Monday and as it’s usually the practice would want to quickly establish whether my expectations were met or not.

Here’s an excerpt of what I had envisioned to have achieved after the day’s events;

… I have been made to understand that SabaSaba is the solution to Kenya’s woes, I am crossing my fingers that at the end of today Kenyans will be secure, that Kenyans will have more food on their table than before. My expectations are running high that corruption is going to suffer a big blow this very day. After Monday I am looking forward to a restful and tranquil Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Next week and Next month and beyond 2017.I am keeping tabs on the unfolding events meanwhile let’s uphold peace. SHALOM

So let’s start off.

This morning as I was coming to work, we were many of us on the roads am quite convinced that matatu guys will have something good to write home about at the end of today, most filling stations will record improved profit margins at the end of today than it was yesterday, the city council will of course issue more parking receipts, beggars and street families will today escape hunger pangs, Nairobi thieves will today transact some business, they will probably have at least one of two cell phones to sell at the backstreet more than yesterday. This is all a proof that Kenyans are more secure after SabaSaba hence my expectation #1 has partially been met. However once communities in various parts of the country that have been experiencing cases of insecurity begin moving about their business without problems a couple of days after 7-7, then I will give SabaSaba initiative a clean bill of health.

Regarding my next expectation I haven’t received any reports yet after yesterday of families or fellows that have had the opportunity to eat more calories that they did before 7-7 save for my assumption of street families and beggars. I will do another check on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday to establish if there’s going to be any positive report which I am still doubting such will happen. I bet for us to record any degree of increase in the content on the plates on people’s tables, my number one expectation has to be fully met. My assessment is that SabaSaba has failed to meet this expectation.

Moving on to #3.I am convinced that on the first day after SabaSaba, the country is still ranked on the same spot in terms of corruption. We have to wait a little longer after SabaSaba to weed out corruption.

My general day one after SabaSaba assessment, nothing much has been achieved save for the reduced tensions in comparison to how it was yesterday and this is all courtesy of the one above, the almighty God who answered the fervent prayer that Kenyans have been making. It was a noble initiative though which will take a little longer to realize all the reforms envisaged by the initiators.

Let’s remain peaceful, the few elements taking advantage of the situation to try and cause mayhem should be ashamed of themselves! SHALOM!


The eagerly loathed by many Monday has finally arrived pregnant with all sorts and sizes of expectations from the masses. It is a day that has prominently featured in speeches of many Kenyans since its originators conceived the idea. Some have praised the idea while an equal measure of others have attempted to shoot it down. Calls for SabaSaba have shaken the country to the core with parts of the country considered hotspots of violence experiencing major exodus of people from such spots to other areas perceived peaceful. Ethnic rifts are increasingly becoming bigger by the day. Social media networks are awash with all sorts reactions concerning this day. A mix of formulas have been applied to reach out to God seeking for his intervention. Corporate prayers have been the most notable of such formulas.

7-7 Monday morning is not the usual day one of a new week. Most roads are easy to drive on today, traffic flowing smoothly in major city roads perhaps because most Nairobians have decided to keep off town for fear of chaos or may be their employees have given them a day off to flock Uhuru Park later in the day for the rally. At the bus stops especially route 46 there are very long queues of Kenyans jostling for the few spaces in the few buses available to take them to work. Some bus companies seem to have pulled out their vehicles from the roads today since there was none in their usual stops.

Security officers donned in their official regalia and equipment have been deployed around the city in their numbers. At the entrance of the rally’s venue the famous uhuru park, young men and women clad in their uniforms are lined up frisking each and every person trying to find their way into the park. Journalists on the other hand are already out in the cold focusing their lenses to capture the day’s events. There are several of them at diverse spots in the CBD capturing the activities, others are at Uhuru Park typing on the miniature keypads of their handheld gadgets tweeting, instagraming and face booking each and every unfolding event. I hear Uhuru Park is slowly swelling with crowds coming to witness what SabaSaba has in store for them.

So let’s wait and see how the day is going to fare since I have been made to understand that SabaSaba is the solution to Kenya’s woes, I am crossing my fingers that at the end of today Kenyans will be secure, that Kenyans will have more food on their table than before. My expectations are running high that corruption is going to suffer a big blow this very day. After Monday I am looking forward to a restful and tranquil Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Next week and Next month and beyond 2017.I am keeping tabs on the unfolding events meanwhile let’s uphold peace.SHALOM Continue reading